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Sunday, April 1st, 2007
9:24 pm
fresh fried butt jerky

enormous gallons of butt jerky....fresh to order. butts, butts, butts. get 'em while they're fried 'n' fresh. butt.

Wednesday, February 21st, 2007
9:42 pm
Madame Timothy wand3red the highlands of her homecountry one late afternoon in autun, she was liooking for the love of her life. as she walked strhough the misty moors she hummed a tune, "tum diddly dee", in celebnraiton of her bachelorhood and in revernce to mother earth. she was a feminist and was really pretty. "where oh where can my little love b e" she whisepred into the winds;.

all of a sudden.........................]

a majestic horse galloped across the moors and stoped in front of her, its teeth frothing and its mouth dripping salival. it had a magnificent coat of pitch black. it was....>SIR MCGUIGAN!!!!!

"here i am, i am your one true love once and for all."

madame timoyhy was amazed that the horse could talk, and then they made love in the highlands, the sounds of their lovemaking reverberating int he surrounding hills. they were hidden by the mists so none of the townspeople could see them. they were in love. the offspring of their union would become the kings and rulers of the land.


Thursday, October 5th, 2006
10:35 pm
Brave little jimmy smiled, he was dying of cancer. "dont worry mum" he said, "i'll find some way to raise the money for my chemotehrapy!"
Mrs henry burst into tears and ran out of the room. she couldn't stand to see her son like tehis. and there was no way he would be able to make enoggh money by selling urine disguised as lemonade at a stall at trash n treasure. no, there was nothing left to do.......nothing except......
"come in here little jimmy my beautiful son" called Mrs henry, drawing her wand out from beneath her enormous drawers. brave littele jimmy wlaked through the door with his brave little smile on his face - he was a beautiful boy with features as soft and feminine as a girls.
"now little jiimmy i love you very much" mrs hennry whispered and sobbed "but there is nothing else i can do for you..."
mrs henry swished her wand and little jimmy turned into a tiny little horse. then he gallopped out the window. it was a beautiful ending to a beaut8iufl story.

there's more where that came from guys11!!!!! peace out for now!!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 20th, 2006
11:52 am

OMG i am so angry. macey said she heard that bob sinclair was really ugly in real life. how dare she!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

also i thought i would start posting some of my works of writing....theyre not much, just little snippets of stuff..........i think theyre pretty good tho and my teacher reckoned i should get an A+ for them if they were for assessment and she also said she reckoned i was pretty smart for my age and appearance. so do what you will with them guys!!! enjoy!!!!!!!!! hey!!!!!!! flaunt it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Sir McGuigan turned around quickly. His eyebrows were like storms of fury on his face. "How darey ou do this to me!!!!!!" he raged into the howling wind that was outside the house.
Mrs Henry shook her head, she was a lady who was quite pretty and had a large quivering bosom. "PLease Sir McGuigan, you don't understand...it was just a litle luncheon with Monsieur Wiegal...it meant nothing! We just enjoyed some crumpets and scones out in the sun-"
"IT MEANT NOTHING??? but what you don't understand is....IT MEANS EVERYTHING TO ME." In a jealous fury, Sir McGuigan ripped off his vest and exposed his extremely muscular pecs. "I have been betrayed by the only woman i ever luved...there is nothing left but for me to transform myself intot he creature I should have been."
"NOOOOO" said Mrs Henry.
"Yes" said SIr McGuigan, and with that he got out his wand and said a spell. ALl of a sudden he turned into an enormous horse. HE gallopped through the room smashing things while Mrs HEnry threw her bosom at him in the hopes that he would change. But unfortunately he just gallopped out of hte window, and dispapeared into the darkness of the black moors.

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Wednesday, June 14th, 2006
10:17 pm
just a little note to say...

you guys all ROCK!!!!!!!

lol no seriously...today was pretty cool,. macey and i met up at the calwell club and had drinks! i just had a water, but macey said i should try lemonade some time - apparently it tastes great! hmmm...and i've been practising my whistling. i'm going to record it on to my computer and mix it with love generation..............pretty exciting! think i'll give copies of the cd to my family at xmas. unless anyone else wants one too!! just comment and let me know :"D ok? come on guys, give me a chance! <333 seriously!!!! and hey - flaunt what your mamma gave you! uh! come on and flaunt it! come on!!!!!!!!!!!! such a good song

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Wednesday, May 31st, 2006
8:53 pm

hey guys

Tuesday, May 23rd, 2006
12:33 am
this is going out to my homebrothers..........


ok that's all for now guys! catch you next time :") and until then... love all of the children in the world in a brotherly love.

signing out...

Kool Kid

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